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Let Us Be Your Guide

Business Nomads focuses on how to help human beings prosper in business. We are your small business support network.  The network consists of Business Nomads, who introduce you slowly to the business world, All Sorted Business Services looking after your books and Your Brand Crew looking after your Marketing. And of course our online business community. By  
collaborating and using automation where we can, we help set you up for the future. There are three different levels:

Sand Box

This is where you get to test your business idea. Where we play together, focusing on your vision and your ideas. This is where we try to prove that your idea is a good one, that it can be monetised before big dollars are spent.

Building Box

This is where it starts to cost you real money so you have to be ready and be sure. This is where structure compliance and your tech stack are key. This is start-up where your expenses and income stream starts.

Business in a Box

This is where you have a business online that is available anywhere you have internet. Where you can push for growth. Where you receive ongoing support from the team.

Your Business Nomad Support Team

Business Nomads are the key to connecting your vision to your future achievements. We are a collaborative team. We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field from anywhere in the world where there is internet. Boost your confidence in business, gain a support network, and become a certified Business Nomad.

Marita Thornton

Business Nomads

Scott Elsom

All Sorted Business Services

Carlos and Patricia

Your Brand Crew

Online Learning Portal

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Private one on one meeting

Either with Zoom, phone or email. Just shoot us a message and we will be in touch.

Take a few modules

We have several packages that enable you to choose where you want to begin. Either in the Sandbox where we play until you are on solid ground with your vision and goals or go straight to the Building Box where we can help you setup your company structure, bookkeeping, marketing strategy for the future. It's your business so you call the shots.

Join our community

Not sure what all the fuss is about? Join our Business Nomad Community and hang for a bit. We welcome all.

Need help growing?

Alot of business owners tire because they can't do it all. We look at your business from the outside in and support you for things like, holiday breaks, bookkeeping automation tasks, marketing campaign hand holding. If you want support you have it here with Business Nomads.


Join our community and you won't regret it..

We are lots of things here at Business Nomads. We're a community of business entrepreneurs who like to help and support each other. We have an online resource packed full of courses, techniques, tools, and tips to help you become a full time Business Nomad and turn your passion into profit.
If you’re a new Business Nomad, a current travelling Business Nomad or a digital nomad from your couch at home join our community today using the button below. Welcome.
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